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Theres a Miss Outdoors in Every Woman..

Make-up by Miss Outdoors


Make-up by Miss Outdoors

Vegan, Cruelty, and Paraben free. Vitamin E, Essentiol oils, fragrance free, These are a few of our favorite things! Miss Outdoors make-up is going to change the face of make-up, world wide. No other make-up in the WORLD is designed the way Miss - Outdoors make-up is. Miss Outdoors make up is designed by the outdoors woman, for the outdoors woman Long lasting, (12 hour) waterproof, sweat proof, fragrance free, and most importantly, SPF!

WATERPROOF: For summer days, and summer nights. long days at the beach, ocean, and lake. Mid day rain storms- your makeup will look just as beautiful as when you first applied it,

Our make is is long lasting 12 hour. So it will look just as beautiful as when you applied it, because there are no mirrors in the outdoors, you can count on your make up looking just as good hours later as when you applied it. No other make up line is designed for outdoor women.

We have created different collections for the Miss Outdoors in YOU! Depending on what you’re doing in the outdoors, choose a pallet. Make up is divided into different sections depending on the activity you will be doing that day. From dog walking-sufing, we have you covered.

Such as:

  • Waterproof Collection: (Made for: swimming, lake days, the beach, rainy days, sweating, long outdoor activities) Collection is a waterproof lip kit, 12 hour Matte lipstick available in 12 shades, with matching long-lasting water proof lip liner, 40 water proof eye shadow shades to choose from. 12 hour long lasting, ingredients including; vitamin E, Organic, more. Get yours here:instert waterproof MU link here

  • Hunters Collection: Fragrance Free (Only make-up WORLD WIDE designed just for our beautiful huntresses. Hunting tested!) 12 hour long lasting Matte Lipstick in 12 shades, matching lip liner, with eye shadow, and eye pencil. Ingredit such as: Titanic e inset link here:

    Pallets that are pre made for the miss Outdoors in you:

  • Sun-sational Pallet: Liquid Lipstick, with liner 12 shades,

We do samples! contact us for your own sample kits before committing to a collection.

No matter what you’re doing outdoors, we have a collection right for you, because there is a Miss Outdoors in every woman.

Hunters colletion, (fragrance free and hunting TESTED.)

Summer Collection; Sun-sational Pallet

Liquid, and powder highlight and bronzer, body highlight and bronzer. Liquid lipstick (6 color options) with lip liner. Lip kits included. Liquid foundation with SPF

highkight pallett.jpg
Liquid lips 8 colors of our 40  12 hour, sweat, and water proof.  Fragrance Free

Liquid lips 8 colors of our 40

12 hour, sweat, and water proof.

Fragrance Free


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At a very young age, I had fallen in love with the outdoors.  I knew from that moment on; it was my passion.